My paintings include portraits, landscape and still life and everything else that my eyes can catch. It always fascinates me the ability of capturing the very fine details on my paintings and drawings through which I bring out form and give life to an object. For a very long time I have been focused on capturing details and current ambiance within my drawings and paintings and that I believe will continue to work further for the purpose continuous attraction in artistic discoveries that I deliberately or unintentionally show it on my work from which I learn each day. 

My intent is to create an instant bond between my work and the viewers. When this is achieved it is a special feeling that gives me the spirit and will for more work and new ideas.


Adelina Canolli was born in Pristina and moved to England at adolescent years where she lives and works. She studied Art and Design specialising in Fine Arts at Arts University in Leeds. Followed with Degree in Fine Art and Masters in Design at  Leeds Becket University. 

In 2000 her first solo exhibition took place in Town Hall in Leeds and also at the same year her first portrait commission was of Leeds Lord Mayor (Keith Parker). 

Adelina has been shortlisted for different prizes the past few years including Artists of the Year 2019 (Artists and Illustrators Magazine), Derwent Art Prize 2018, and also has been short listed for few years in a row by UKCPS where she has received the Highly Commended Award Winner for the Artistic Excellence of work. 


2019 - Shortlisted Artists of the Year 2019 (Artists and Illustrators Magazine)

2018 - Shortlisted Derwent Art Prize 

2015, 2016, 2017 - Shortlisted UKCPS 

2015 - UKCPS Highly Commended Award Winner for the Artistic Excellence of work


Coming up: 

2019 - February - March, Artists of the Year 2019, Mall Galleries, London 

Current Exhibition 

2019 January, Derwent Art Prize, Cumbria, Pencil Museum

Previous Exhibitions 

2018 - Derwent Art Prize, Town Hall Art, Trowbridge 

2018 - Derwent Art Prize, Mall Galleries London 

2018 - World's Largest Urban Exhibition, London 

2017 - UKCPS Menier Galleries, London 

2016 - UKCPS Menier Galleries, London

2015 - UKCPS Menier Galleries, London 

2008 - JND- Business Design Centre-LONDON

2008 - Design, Leeds Becket University 

2006 - Leeds Becket University 

2005 - Leeds Becket University

2004 - Leeds Becket University


2003 - Leeds Becket University 

2002 - Arts University, Leeds

2001 - Arts University, Leeds 

2000 - February, Town Hall, Leeds 


Adelina Canolli